About Me


I am the devils daughter with an angels face! Its all part of the packaging...

I was raised old school (or old guard) in this lifestyle! As I a sensual creature I seek expansion and knowledge! I operate with patience, understanding that forgiveness and love is earned... I must respect those with whom I've crossed paths and dissuade any negative interlopers, from the misuse of my precious energies! All who know me understand, I do not relinquish control over myself, easily! Only to the most deserving is my soul awarded! I do enjoy my own particular exchange of brutal strength because I am just made with a uniquely primal taste for pain encoded in my animalistic nature!

I have a love for this, that equals no other! In the daily vanilla world, I'm driven physically to limits, which most women shy away from. I'm stronger than I look, i use my appearance as a web of entrapments! I delight in using it on those with weak character! Its a mental pecking order, I keep close tabs on. Also, I'm not laid back- I'm just easy going. I was born to be adventurous! Pure energy is what i thrive on, it sustains me! I can tap into the purest part of subconscious and weave a fantastic dream! I can create and unlock the alter ego, as people all around me tend to transform. Where I long to reside... imbued with love... levitating me into supreme spiritual awareness...




New Orleans, LA
5' 10"
Platinum Blonde
A few
Used to smoke
Used to be
Open Minded People, Good Conversation, Jameson Irish Whiskey, & PVC/ Fishnet Lingerie
Prudes, Rude People, Crazy Women, and Dishonesty/
All major credit cards
Men, Couples, Bachelor Parties