This bunny has entered a rabbit hole of magic, love, and evolutionary growth. For now, all of her love mixed with hate can dance freely, to victimize YOU with joy. And even take her own punishment with the utmost gratitude. I am amazing. I get PURE PLEASURE out of both! Think you could handle it?

I was taught violence is not the answer, but I got that shit wrong... on purpose!

I am a paradox! Isn't everyone who is encased, in this fetish skin? We find ourself as we go! Expanding with each new encounter. I've always known my core values, are truly selfish in nature! I feed on attention and discipline.

I believe in a love that is steadfast and does not waiver! (real subspace requires, trust, respect, and a physical/mental chemistry that cannot be forced! Not even if we want the same things; we won't always "fit") I'm everyones drug, but not everyone can be my sustenance. Just as all I do and is done to me, has it's purpose. So much is learned if you can use your powers of deduction! THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES

I am the devils daughter with an angels face! Its all part of the packaging...




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